None of our students was shot by the police – Caleb University school authorities

Authorities of Caleb university have refuted the claim by some online media that some students of the school were shot in a clash with police officers when the latter was deployed during a student unrest in the school.

According to a statement from the institutions’ Head of Media & Public relations, Elvis Efe Otobo, no student was shot at Caleb University.


“The agitation by some students due to an undergraduate who was sanctioned over a disciplinary issue, has been addressed by the University management, after consultations with stakeholders.

” Efforts by the University to fulfill its core focus of character building and academic excellence, has been strengthened by the continuous emphasis on mainstreaming global best practice, with emphasis on godliness.


“Parents and other stakeholders have also continued to express their commitment to the vision and mission of the University,” he stated.

Earlier, there were reports that some undergraduate students from the institution were shot while some were injured during a protest over a new set of rules by the school management which was violated and led to the suspension of one of their colleagues.


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