NACCIMA urges Nigerians to pay taxes

Image result for NACCIMA urges Nigerians to pay taxesNigerians are being asked to always pay their taxes because it can hold any government accountable.

This formed part of discussions at a conference in Lagos on Understanding Tax and its effect on Nigerian Business.

Yusuf Akogu Reports that payment of taxes is a key civil responsibility of every citizens with a source of income.

In time past, Nigeria pay little or no attention to taxation, this has changed in recent times following uncertainty in the Crude oil market, the country major source of income.

The President of NACCIMA, Iyalode Alaba Lawson explained that time has come for individual and business owners to be tax complaint, only then she said citizens can question government when it does not fulfill its civil responsibility.

For tax practitioners, no country in the world can survive without proper taxation.

While Individual and business owners have expressed their willingness to be tax compliant, they task government to ensure that multiple taxations are eliminated.

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