Comprehensive report of Kwoi tremors expected next week : El-Rufai

Image result for kwoi tremorsKaduna state Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has called on displaced persons from Kwoi town to return to the area, noting that there is no cause for alarm.

Kwoi, the traditional seat of the Jabba people in the state has witnessed multiple tremors in recent weeks.


And the governor was in the area at the weekend to empathise with residents.

El-Rufai said building codes in the area would likely be redesigned, putting into consideration the occurrence.


He noted that the tremors are a test from God, who would usually try his people in diverse ways.

The traditional ruler of the Jabba people, the Kpop Ham, told the governor that neighbouring settlements like Nok, and Chori among others were also hit by the tremor.


But the governor assured them that a comprehensive report is being expected in about a week from now.

El-Rufai promised that the recommendations would be acted on accordingly.


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