Zamfara Government lied Over Casualty In Bukuyyum, Anka Attack – PDP

Zamfara Governmment lied about casualty in Bukkuyum, Anka Attacks - PDP Zamfara State PDP Chairman, Colonel Bala Mande (rtd)

The people’s Democratic Party in Zamfara says the casualty figure in the recent bandits attack on seven Communities in two Local Government Areas of the state is over two hundred and not fifty eight as the Government state claimed

The PDP says, the casualty in Bukuyyum Local Government Area alone is over one hundred and fifty

Zamfara state Chairman of the party Bala Mande Condemn the killings described it as barbaric

The opposition party has also raised the alarm over an alleged sinister plot by the ruling All Progressives Congress to frame up, arrest and detain critical stakeholders of the party


The party adds that the Move is unpolitical and an attempt to Intimidate and Silence Opposition Parties in zamfara

Bala Mande insist that the PDP in zamfara will not stop speaking the mind of the Masses

The Ruling All Progressive Congress and the Main opposition party PDP in Zamfara have been at logger head in recent times

The clash has now taken a different dimension as both parties are accusing each other for being responsible for the worsening Insecurity in the state

“Plenty of our members are the list of arrest by Security Operatives following directives of the state government authorities”

“As we speak, Security agencies are on the trail of Prof. Kabiru Jabaka the Vice Chairman of the PDP Simply because he spoke the the truth and expose the weakness of the Zamfara State Government” Bala Mande

They Called on International Community to deny travel Visa to undemocratic political leaders in Nigeria.

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