World Accounting Day: Accountants advocate for more recognition, remuneration

Every year, International Accountant’s Day is celebrated on November 10 worldwide. It is a day set aside to promote the accounting Profession as it seems to give people the opportunity to network making their colleagues and share ideas to enhance Proficiency.


From filing tax returns to ensuring business accounts are up-to-date; Accountants play a critical role in the financial security of companies all over the world.

Jobs, religious institution, and government wouldn’t survive without those dedicated number crunchers and that is why a Day is dedicated to Celebrate accountants all over the world.

In Ekiti State, the Body of Accountants are demanding for more Respect and recognition from Stakeholders in both Public and Private Sector as they describe themselves as key component of Economic Stability.

They Started the day with a Health walk to relax their muscles as their work mostly requires sitting all day balancing the books.

They ended the day by networking and engaging with each other, sharing ideas in order to Serve their institutions better.

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