Unknown gunmen kidnap 3 year-old-girl in Ondo

Unknown Gunmen abduct 3 year old girl girl in Ondo Ondo Abducted Girl

Unknown gunmen have kidnapped a three-year old girl in Akure the Ondo state capital.

The incident, according to the mother of the kidnapped girl, occurred around 8pm on Wednesday night at second army barrack gate, along Ondo road akure.

Narrating the incident, the mother of the kidnapped girl, Taiwo Fasina said the suspected kidnappers numbering two, took the girl away at gunpoint when she was about to enter the gate to her residence.

Fashina said “ As I was getting home from church ,my children went to open the gate for me. When we got there, we did not see anybody until we entered the compound. I even thought they were the vigilantes”

They asked me to give them the car key,I gave them. On getting down ,they threatened to shoot me if I didn’t give them the car key.

I have them the car key. They asked for my money, they picked the bag themselves and took all the money.

They asked me to lie on the ground so I could not look up, but faintly I saw one of them carrying something, but I just thought they were carrying a bag and I didn’t know whether it was my baby girl they carried.

They used mask to cover their noses and mouths and asked me not to shout. They didn’t go with the car,they only went with the car key”.

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