Three teachers sacked in Ekiti for sexual abuse

The Ekiti State Teaching Service Commission has dismissed two teachers from All Souls’ Anglican School in Ado-Ekiti and another at Alarelu Comprehensive High School, Igbara-Odo, Ekiti state for allegedly sexually abusing their students.

Schools are designed to be centres for inculcating values both in character and learning. But one growing concern is that the roles of government and parents in making this lofty dream a reality are not being clearly defined.

Research shows that high school moments make up the most impressionable years in the life of an individual.

During this period, teenagers are expected to acquire education and skills needed for the future. But they’re naive and their tendency for exploration leaves them prone to social vices including premarital sex in some cases with randy teachers.

Apart from the Gender Based Violence Laws already passed in Ekiti State, there are Laws already put in place to ensure that the Girl-Child does not suffer any form of abuse, no matter how minimal

To stem the tide of Sexual abuse in Ekiti State, Help lines have been released to members of the public. Suggestion boxes have also been dispatched to schools which will be monitored directly from the Ministry of Education.

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