Supreme Court dismisses alleged anxiety over CJN’s health

The Supreme Court of Nigeria has described as lies a newspaper publication dated 15th December on the purported anxiety over the health of the chief justice of Nigeria, Tanko Muhammad.

The court in a press statement signed by its director of press and information, Akande Festus, said their is no iota of truth in the publication as there has been no indication public or otherwise that has shown anxiety over the CJN’s health.

The court added that the write up is a product of the imagination of the author of the concocted story which has literally failed the test of sound, investigative journalism as no form of enquiries were made by the Reporter before hitting the public domain with the report.

According to Akande, the Hon. CJN, Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad being unavoidably absent at a function is not enough to plunge into this premeditated conclusion that there’s now “anxiety over his health.

The other aspect of the write up it described as monumental falsehood is the alleged erroneous claim that the “CJN has not been seen in public for weeks.”

The court said it is still at a loss as to where the Reporter got that malicious information from, as the CJN has been very active and even presided over the swearing in of the newly appointed Justices of the Supreme Court a few weeks back.

It called for caution to avoid whipping up unecessary sentiment capable of eroding good values at all times.

A Justice of the Supreme court, Ibrahim Saulawa, had earlier in the day been quoted to have said the CJN, Tanko Muhammad, had tested positive for Covid-19 and is currently undergoing treatment in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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