Sudan transitional government announces failed coup attempt

Latest Breaking News in Africa: Sudan transitional government announces failed coup attempt Sudan transitional Government Agreement between Civilians ad Military Officers

Sudanese authorities have reported a failed attempt to overthrow the country’s transitional government, blaming “military officers and civilians” from the former government of deposed President Omar al-Bashir.

Sudan’s state-run television initially reported on the attempt early on Tuesday, calling on the public “to counter” the attempt.

“All is under control. The revolution is victorious,” Mohamed al-Faki Suleiman, a member of the ruling military-civilian council, wrote on Facebook in the morning.

Hours later, Information Minister Hamza Baloul said military officers and civilians linked to al-Bashir had attempted a coup but were swiftly brought under control.

“We brought under control a coup attempt by military officers early Tuesday,” Baloul said.

Authorities “have arrested leaders of the failed plot, which involved military officers and civilians belonging to the defunct regime”, he added.

A government source said information about the coup attempt was made available to the government on Monday evening.

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