Nigerian architects task government on proper development plans


Image result for architecture in nigeriaAs the world marks 2017 Architectural Day, Nigeria Institute of Architect, Kaduna Chapter has called on government to ensure that development agencies monitor citizens to follow the laid down planning and implement same in order to avoid some natural disasters.

The Chairman of the Institute, Architect Jafaru Saidu said most of the disasters such as flooding bedeviling Nigeria can be avoided if people follow the laid down master plan. According to him, people building on waterways are genesis of flooding because there is nowhere of stopping water passing because it will rise and find a way which always resulted in floods.

He therefore called on government agencies to ensure that people did not just erect structures anyhow, rather in accordance with what is in the master plan.

They also concern about flooding ravaging states like Benue,Kaduna, Lagos states and they want that to stop.

Also said that the body are working with planning and developmental agencies to put an end to building collapse or being washed away by water.

The sensitization according to them, will be taken to the grassroots for the people to realize where to put up structures for their safety and that of neigbours.

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