Nigeria seeks support of UN General Assembly to revive lake Chad region

Nigeria is seeking the support of the United Nations General Assembly in recharging the lake Chad basin. 

The minister of foreign affairs while hosting the President of the General Assembly in his office in Abuja said, the project will cost about $40 – $50 billion.

The Lake chad has shrunk to about 90% over the years, a lake that serves about 30 million people as a means of livelihood, this challenge has increased unemployment across the region and increased the spate of insecurity.

The UN scribe, Ms. Espinosa Garces has described the lake Chad as a climate change disaster.

She said it is one of the goals of the United Nations and it would intensify efforts in African region.

She also added that through the efforts of the United Nations, about 80 million people have food and 50% of the vaacines for children is from the United Nations.

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