NACCIMA, Kano govt partner to improve standards

Image result for NACCIMA, Kano govt partner to improve standardsPresident of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture, Iyalode Alaba Lawson, wants the federal and state governments to pay more attention to the agriculture sector.

Lawson believes such attention will help to diversify the economy.

The Nigerian agricultural sector was resilient sustainer of the economy and the Nigerian people in terms of food supply, employment and national income generation before and shortly after independence.

But the exploration of crude oil in commercial quantity and the oil boom experienced in Nigeria in the 1970’s heralded an era of decay and decline in agricultural output. The over all contributions of the sector to the economy dropped drastically..

With so much efforts by the present administration to revamp the agriculture sector, NACCIMA is set to partner other stakeholders to encourage farming.

Stakeholders said the agriculture sector should be the mainstay of the economy, and stressed that leading high quality standards of life depends on the productivity from the agriculture sector.

Industry watchers present at the event also agreed that the nation’s agriculture needs right policies and commitment from government. When that happens, the sector will again contribute immensely national growth.

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