Father of flogged Kwara Madrassah student backs school’s action

Father of flogged Kwara Madrassah stident backs School's action Kwara Madrassah Student being flogged by Seniors

The father to the female student who was among those brutally flogged in Kwara state, North Central Nigeria, Yunus Olarenwaju says he is fully in support of the school’s action.

In the viral video, some students reported to be seniors are seen flogging a female student brutally.

The seniors also flogged three boys for attending a birthday party in a bar which the madrasah said is against its rules and regulations.

In a viral complimentary video, a fellow student said that the students went to the bar to celebrate the birthday of one of theirs but didn’t take alcohol as erroneously believed by the head of the Madrasah.

The video which is trending online has provoked a wave of backlash on social media, as many Nigerians condemned the handling of the students by the school authorities.

Meanwhile, the state government had suspended the head of the school and set up an investigative committee to probe the incident.

Olarenwaju however in an interview with BBC Pidgin said he was the one who requested that his daughter should be punished after he saw a video of her at the birthday party.

Olarenwaju said he had known the Islamic school for over 20 years, adding that eight of his children had graduated from the Arabic institution.

He said, “It was my son in Lagos that sent the video of my daughter among boys that were drinking alcoholic drinks inside hotel and the incident really made me sad.

“I informed the school about the incident and I personally requested that they should give her the appropriate punishment. I also insisted that I must be present when they are carrying out the punishment.”

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