Eddie Ugbomah: Five notable things you need to know about late filmmaker

Image result for Eddie UgbomahThe death of veteran filmmaker, Eddie Ugbomah, is still a shock to many in the movie industry, especially his close associates. But are many great things everyone need to know about late filmmaker, actor and producer, Eddie Ugbomah.

Eddie Ugbomah died on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at the age of 78.

The late filmmaker was notable for his contribution to the Nigerian movie industry with 13 celluloid films and active building of the industry.

Here are 7 things you need to know about late filmmaker and actor, Eddie Ugbomah

1. Eddie Ugbomah made his mark in the Nigeria movie industry with 12 movies which were directed and produced by him. He starred in some of the 12 productions.

2. In 1988, Ugbomah was appointed chairman of the Nigerian Film Corporation.

3. Latew filmmaker, Eddie Ugbomah was born and raised in Obalende area of Lafiaji, Lagos Island, Lagos State.

4.  12 of Ugbomah’s most famous films are ‘Rise and Fall of Oyenusi’ (1977), ‘The Mask’ (1979), ‘Oil Doom’ (1980), ‘Bolus ’80’ (1982), ‘The Boy is Good’ (1982), ‘Vengeance of the Cult’ (1984), ‘Death of a Black President’ (1984), ‘Esan’ (1985), ‘Apalara’ (1986), ‘Omiran’ (1986), ‘The Great Attempt’ (1988), ‘Toriade’ (1989), and ‘America or Die’ (1996).

5. Finally, apart from being a filmmaker, Eddie Ugbomah was also a journalist and he worked briefly with the BBC.

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