Diplomatic Relations : Nigeria, Canada pledge to strengthen ties

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed confidence that Nigeria’s democracy will continue to improve as citizens gain a better understanding of its workings and democratic institutions are continually strengthened.

He made these remarks on Monday while receiving the Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette, at the Presidential Villa

Nigeria and Canada have a lot in common from their ethno religious differences, diversity of languages, their federal structure and their membership of the Commonwealth .

The Governor-General was appreciative of the crucial role Nigerians in diaspora play in Canada and is hoping that a strengthening of ties will be beneficial to both countries.

Nigeria is Canada’s largest trading partner in sub Saharan Africa and Governor-General Payette is hoping to build on that base and also assist Nigeria in its challenges with the Insurgency, especially in the area of providing succour to the displaced .

On his part President Buhari expresses optimism that Nigeria will continue to grow in its democratic path by learning from the mistakes of those who practiced democracy for a longer period, and by looking inward at its own peculiarities.

This visit is expected to strengthen ties between the two countries in all spheres of economic endeavour

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