Death toll in Tuesday’s Numan raid rises to 30

Image result for Nigeria's Numan raidThe death toll in the Tuesday attack by militiamen on some villages in Numan local government of Adamawa State has risen to thirty.

About four hundred attackers overran five villages which were completely razed, in a midnight raid that lasted several hours.

What you see is all that is left of some agrarian communities in Numan
local government area.

Rubble of burnt down buildings, burning grains, and terrified villagers are now the only things here, just as the farming season has just started.


  • May there soul rest in peace, And May Allah destroy those people that are causes of evil

  • I prayer for God intervin in Nigeria.the mr presendent has to stop going from one country to another. So that he can be able to remove unwanted weed from plant.

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