CSO cautions Nigerians against negative narratives about military

CSO cautions Nigerians against negative narratives about military

A civil society organisation has warned some Nigerians against inciting the public by painting negative narratives about Nigerian troops’ efforts to restore peace to areas of the country plagued by insecurity.

The group urged all citizens to lend their support to the troops in the fight against terrorism, insurgency, banditry, and other criminal activities plaguing the country.

Over the years, the Nigerian armed forces have remained active in combat operations across the African continent, with notable successes.

Nigerian troops have demonstrated their ability to mobilize, deploy, and sustain brigade-sized forces in support of various United Nations and ECOWAS peacekeeping missions.

While the troops are appreciated globally for their professionalism, courage and Combat efficiency, some mischief makers in the Country have taken it upon themselves to castigate and also promote campaigns targeted at inciting citizens against operatives of the armed forces.

The global peace and life rescue Initiative is a civil society group with interest in peace building in Nigeria.

The leadership of the group is launching a military support campaign, with initiatives aimed not only at boosting military morale in the fight against insecurity, but also at changing public perceptions of Nigerian troops’ efforts.

The group applauded the military’s leadership for the accomplishments made in their efforts to restore normalcy to all crisis areas.

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