Buhari bombs Obasanjo, says ex-President mismanages $16bn

Image result for Buhari accuses Obasanjo of mismanaging $16bnPresident Muhammadu Buhari has challenged past political leaders to confront him publicly in the National Assembly if they believe his administration has done nothing to better the lives of the people.

He also insists the budgets he has presented to the National Assembly in the last two years have had the highest capital expenditure in the history of the country.

TVC News Correspondent, Tai Amodu reports that as the election year gets closer by the day, support for and against this administration also continues to grow.

While there are those who believe that nothing good has come out of the three years in power of the ruling Al Progressives Congress with President Muhammadu Buhari at the helm, there are those who beg to differ.

A conglomeration of Buhari Support Groups, decided to visit the Presidential Vila to express their undying loyalty for President Buhari, considering the huge task he has been saddled with trying to turn back the years of heavy looting of the country’s treasury by past leaders and the adverse effect it has had on the country. They were led by the Comptroller of the Nigeria Customs Service, Colonel Hamid Alli (rtd)

It was an occasion for the President to present the realities on ground and to take to task former leaders who have been the loudest in decrying the seeming lack of progress since the APC took over the reins of power.

The President expressed his determination to salvage the country noting that it was not so easy in a civilian democracy to lock up indicted past political leaders who had been caught with their hands in the till because they kept denying the proceeds of their crime when confronted with it

While commending those who had stuck by him in spite of the barrage of criticisms levelled against them, the President expressed hope that at least derive the satisfaction of bequeathing a better country for their children and grand children.

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