Ambode okays death penalty for kidnappers

Image result for Ambode okays death penalty for kidnappersDeath sentence now awaits kidnappers in Lagos as Governor Akinwunmi  Ambode has signed a bill aimed at checking the spate of kidnappings in the state.

The law prescribes stiff penalties including life imprisonment and death sentence for offenders.

This signature will take the lives of kidnappers whose victims die in their custody and life sentence is prescribed for kidnappers whose victims do not die in their hands.

The law states that any person, who kidnaps, abducts, detains, captures or takes another person by any means or trick with intent to demand ransom or do anything against his/her will, commits an offence.

Any person, who knowingly or willfully allows or permits his premises, building or a place or belonging to which he has control of, to be used for the purpose of keeping a person kidnapped will also not go scot free.

Lagos state has recorded many cases of kidnapping lately with students, traditional rulers among Victims, hence the need to take the issue of kidnapping seriously in Lagos.

The governor also signed into law the Lagos State Sports Commission bill and the Lagos State Trust Fund bill.

The governor says the Sports Commission Law would give legal backing to the formulation and implementation of sports policies in the State while the Sports Trust Fund would enable government to raise money for the development of sporting facilities and activities.

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