Abuja electricity consumers lament drop in power supply

Image result for Abuja electricity consumers lament drop in power supplyThe Nigerian government in 2013 privatized the power sector to improve efficiency and ensure consumers get value for money.

More than three years after the exercise, the sector is still struggling to meet up with its obligations.

TVC News Dooshima Abu reports that many small scale business owners like have closed shop and in many homes electricity supply now is very erratic .

This is not unconnected to a drastic drop in power generation, with the country presently generating only 2,600 megawatts.

This is a far cry from the projections made by the authorities when the sector was privatized three years ago.

In November 2013, the Nigerian government unbundled the state owned power company into 18 successor companies and handed them over to private investors.

It was projected that the private owners would increase power generation to 20, 000 megawatts by 2018, but with the situation on ground, it’s not likely that they will meet their target.

The investors cite shortages in gas supply and reluctance of consumers to pay electricity bills, as major set backs.

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