4 Lions contract Covid-19 in Singapore Zoo

Latest Breaking News About Covid-19: 4 Lions contract Covid-19 in Singapore Zoo Asian Lions in a ZOO


Four lions have contacted COVID-19 at Singapore’s Wildlife Park.

The 4 lions in Singapore’s wildlife park tested positive for COVID-19 after contact with infected zookeepers.

According to officials, the infected lions have symptoms such as coughing and sneezing.

Authorities added that the endangered Asian lions began showing signs of illness over the weekend, urging them to order a coronavirus test.

The infected big cats have been quarantined in their den along with five others in the Night Safari Park.

Sonya Ruth of the Mandai Wildlife Group, who runs the park said, “All lions remain bright, alert, and lively.

“Lions expect a complete recovery with little supportive treatment.”

Meanwhile, three-night safari zookeepers have been confirmed to be infected.

The park which welcomes visitors at night is an open-air zoo with hundreds of animals.

Ruth, however, added that animals have a low risk of transmitting the virus to humans.

Although the lion exhibit is temporarily closed, both the Singapore Zoo and the night safari remain open.

There have been previous cases of animals testing positive for COVID-19. For example, zoos in the United States earlier reported that lions, tigers, and gorillas tested positive for the virus.

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