Restructuring : Muslim Congress urges Nigerians to change mindset

Image result for Muslim Congress nigeriaThe Muslim Congress is demanding a change of mindset among Nigerians as calls for restructuring of Nigeria continue to gain momentum.

Speaking at its quarterly state of the nation congress, the leader of the group noted that critical issues need to be re-examined in order not to start a process that will eventually lead to an irreversible break up of the country.

The group also urged leaders of various ethnic groups to implore their youths to sheathe their swords and quit the hate speeches that have dominated the polity in recent times.

While speaking on security, the Muslim Congress urged the Lagos state government to do all they can to rescue the kidnapped Igbonla students and do all within its powers to clampdown on the deadly Badoo cult group.


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    Jul 09, 2017
  • Let those saying, restructuring should be a forgotten issue, are they benefiting from the oppression of a part of the nation. Let us sit together and settle our differences once and for all. But i don’t belief in break up.

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