Political leaders hold 3-day democracy summit in Abuja

As part of deepening Nigeria’s democracy and improving on the gains of the 2015 general elections, leading politicians in the country are holding a three-day meeting in the nation’s capital to chart a new course for democracy.

The summit will discuss issues relating to the nation’s political environment and also proffer solutions to some challenges of governance.

The 2015 general elections is now a reference point among political class in Nigeria and Africa on the changing face of politics on the continent.

Sadly, with the election over, the country seems to have retrogressed in a number of areas back to its pre-election status in matters of democracy and governance.

The maiden edition of the national political summit, entitled “consolidating the gains and building positive political culture for sustainable democracy in Nigeria”, is aimed at promoting internal party democracy in the country.

Post-election Confidence building amongst political class and electorates remains a challenge.

A former lawmaker Ghali Na’aba says the continued absence of internal democracy and due process have further complicated the issue of governance.

The continuous decay in value, decline in the spirit of nationalism and promotion of regional chauvinism has become the order of the day.

The summit is expected to provide a strategic framework of action for political development in Nigeria, which will be above political or ethnic lines.

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