Nine Norwegian ship crew members abducted off Benin coast

Nine crew members have been abducted from Norwegian-flagged ship off the coast of Benin.

Local authorities say the MV Bonita was anchored off the entrance of Cotonou port when it was boarded by pirates.

Port officials say the dry bulker MV Bonita, owned by Norwegian shipping firm was boarded by the attackers while at anchor 14km from the entrance of Port of Cotonou.

The Cotonou port authority said the ship’s captain was among those abducted.

They added that other crew members who are safe are being interviewed, as part of an ongoing investigation.

Shipping companies have reported several abductions in the region in recent months, including eight crew members taken from a German-owned vessel off Cameroon in August, and 10 Turkish sailors off the coast of Nigeria in July.

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