Nigerian governors reject 30,000 naira ($82) pay deal for workers

Nigerian governors have rejected a deal to raise the minimum wage to 30 000 naira ($82) from 18 000 naira a month, a move that could trigger fresh labour unrest.

A planned nationwide strike was averted early this month after a negotiating committee made up of union representatives, the government and private sector recommended the pay rise.

President Muhammadu Buhari, who is seeking a second term in presidential polls this February, had said the plan would be put to a parliamentary vote “within the shortest possible time”.

But in a blow to his plans, the 36 state governors rejected the proposal after meeting in the capital Abuja late Wednesday.

They described the pay hike as “impracticable unless labour agrees to downsizing of the workforce all over the country or the federal government itself accedes to the review of the national revenue allocation formula”.

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