NCAA asks pilots to obtain en-route, destination weather advisory

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority has asked pilots to obtain en-route and destination weather advisory before embarking on any trip.

Spokesman of the regulatory agency, Sam Adurogboye, said the move will ensure better management of weather related challenges.

Irrespective of the season,weather plays an important role in flight operations.

From low cloud, wind shear, fog to rain, the natural phenomenon calls for constant preparation for seamless flight operations.

In case of rain, weather advisory notifies the operators of poor visibility at or around an airport while thunderstorms or lightening can cause serious disruptions to flight

Recently an Air Peace aircraft had an excursion at Port Harcourt International Airport.

History of runway excursions at Port Harcourt International Airport include Nigeria Airways’ A-310 overshoot the runway after the rains in 1987, Virgin Nigeria’s B737-300 flight veered off the runway in 2008 and same year Chanchangi’s B737-200 overshot same airport’s runway.

Others are Dana Air’s MD Douglas 83 aircraft landed in Port Harcourt and overshot the runway in 2018 and Dornier Aviation Nigeria 328-100 veered off the runway during landing in 2019.

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