Kano installs 24/7 CCTV surveillance cameras to curb crime

The Kano State Government says it has laid down modalities that would mitigate the evolving security challenges in the state.

One of the strategies adopted is the installation of closed circuit television cameras for 24 hours video surveillance of streets, roads and markets.

Kano being the commercial nerve centre of Northern Nigeria is faced with security challenges like many evolving mega cities. But the Government feels inclusive and creative methods need to be in place to mitigate rising crime.
Trending CCTV control room video online belong to Kano-Coy
So it is set to install more than five thousand closed circuit television cameras in the metropolis providing 24 hour video surveillance on streets, roads and markets.

Though Kano is one of the safest states in the Northwest, the Kano Government is providing ambulances and patrol vehicles to further consolidate the move to deal with crime.

Kano is now joining states where Surveillance and Intelligence gathering is used by law enforcement agencies to tackle insecurity.

Residents hope that this may in the long run, reduce such crimes as phone theft, car snatching and burglary in the state.

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