COVID-19: Thailand to test over 10,000 people after record surge

Thailand plans to test more than 10,000 people after a record day by day surge in coronavirus instances to more than 500.

Most of the cases have been amongst migrant staff linked to a shrimp market close to the capital, an official said on Sunday, Dec 20.

A spokesman for Thailand’s COVID-19 taskforce said the goal of authorities is to conduct 10,300 checks within the southwest province of Samut Sakhon by Wednesday.

“Active case findings will continue in several provinces, actually across the country,” he stated.

On Sunday, Thailand confirmed 576 new infections, together with 516 migrant employee instances introduced regionally.

Thailand, the primary nation outdoors China to report coronavirus infections, has largely saved the outbreak beneath management with 4,907 instances and 60 deaths.

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