Court orders police not to intervene as students protest against Brazil’s President elect, Bolsonaro

A Supreme court in Brazil on Wednesday has ruled that military force should not be used on students of public university campuses after they launched a protest to oppose far-right president elect Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro, who was elected in a runoff vote on Sunday, campaigned on a platform that included promises to crack down on violent crime while expanding gun rights.

During the court hearing, the nine magistrates said police action on university campuses should stop, because it affects freedom of expression and thought at the universities.

The ruling sets a precedent just as tensions are running high before Bolsonaro is sworn in.

Presiding Jugde, Carmen Lucia Antunes said;

“There is no democratic right without respect of freedoms”

“The only legitimate force that can invade universities is that of free and plural ideas; any other is tyranny” she added.

Bolsonaro takes office in Latin America’s biggest nation and largest economy in January

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