TVC News dissociates Self from Fake Social Media Handles

TVC NEWS DISSOCIATES SELF FROM FAKE SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES Fake TVC News Twitter Handle Announcing Presidential Debate

The Management of TVC News and TVC Communications has dissociated itself from the purported Presidential debate to be conducted by its various TV and Radio Channels as announced by an impostor TVC News handle on Twitter.

The management made the clarification following the viral tweet from the impostor handle announcing a Presidential debate for all candidates in the 2023 Presidential election.


The Management urged all Nigerians to disregard the purported debate as an hoax that did not originate form its stables.

The Social Media handles of the brand of TVC Communications according to the release are @tvcnewsng on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


The issue of Fake News in the period leading up to the 2023 Elections have been one that has dominated discussions among experts on how to curb it and prevent it from causing chaos.

The Social Media has been fingered by many experts and observers as a source of worry that must be properly monitored due to the propensity for fake and unfounded information to thrive.


Read Full Statement Below…

“Our attention has been drawn to a publication by a hoax twitter account “ purportedly announcing a presidential debate to be conducted by TVC News.


TVC News and TVC Communications management dissociate itself from this online channel and all information contained therein.


Statement from TVC News on Fake Social Media handles announcing Presidential Debate
Disclaimer by TVC News on Fake Social Media handles announcing purported Presidential Debate

This is a fraudulent Twitter account and has no connection, whatsoever, with TVC News, or any TVC Communications outlets.

The general public is hereby advised to avoid any dealings with this group or persons organizing such debate.


Our official social media handles remain @tvcnewsng on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.



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