Accountants seek better support towards Economic Development

ACCOUNTANTS SEEK BETTER SUPPORT TOWARDS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The Logo of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria

Accountants are seeking better empowerment support from the authorities for their training institutions, in order to better discharge their duties.

They made this known against the backdrop of their contributions to good corporate governance governance and overall economic growth through accountability.


The accountants who came together in Abuja say they play a critical role in nation building and economic development.

This according to them is because the prudent management of financial resources contributes greatly to economic advancement and management.


Accounting is a core part of cost savings, and spending must be prudently and carefully done to prevent wastage of resources and also address corruption.

It also plays a huge role in preparation of national incomes and budgets and its absence will prevent a nation from ascertaining its level of economic activities.


The Accountants say what they now seek is better support for their capacity building institutions for greater service delivery.

This according to them is to allow for proper planning and optimum utilization of resources.


This call by the Accountants is coming against the backdrop of the successful completion and induction of one hundred Chartered accountants at this training center in Abuja.

The center has the target of imparting knowledge and development of the next generation of high quality accounting professionals across the country.


The newly inducted professionals according to accounting practitioners present at the induction will be the next flag carriers for the accounting profession in Nigeria.

They are also expected to help their various organisations, Ministries, Departments and agencies in creating, maintaining and sustaining clear accounting procedures and prudent management of resources.


Their contribution to national development cannot be wished away and accountability and Transparency is also a major issue in the campaign speeches by all the major dramatis personae in the lead up to the 2023 General Election in Nigeria.

This is against the backdrop of rising National Debt which some observers believe are not being effectively managed.


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