2023: Adopt women as running mates, Aisha Buhari tells political parties

Aisha Buhari tells political parties to adopt women as running mates

Nigeria’s first lady, Aisha Buhari, has urged political parties to always consider women as running mates for candidates competing for various offices across the country.

Adopting women as running mates, according to the first lady, is one method to ensure gender equality in politics.

Mrs Buhari stated this on Saturday night at the State House in Abuja, where she hosted presidential contenders from several political parties for a Ramadan (Iftar) breakfast.

The first lady organised the Iftar to give candidates a chance to express love and happiness with one another in the spirit of Ramadan and in the pursuit of nation building.

She said fair-play for women in politics was to ensure their greater participation in elective positions

The first lady urged presidential candidates to focus on subjects that bolstered the nation’s togetherness, brotherhood, and national cohesion.

Mrs Buhari advised the candidates to practice tolerance, fairness, and avoid violence by erecting barriers when necessary, particularly during election campaigns.




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