BREAKING: Northern Elders Forum, CNGs order Fulani herders to leave Southern Nigeria

Image result for Northern Elders Forum orders Fulani herders to leave Southern NigeriaThe Northern Elders Forum (NEF) and the Coalition of the Northern Groups have ordered Fulani herders to leave the Southern parts of the country back to the north where the safety of their lives and properties are guaranteed.

The northern elders and the northern youths specifically expressed worries that Southern leaders have openly threatened war against the Fulani herders, hence the need for tge herders to move back to where their safety is assured.


Addressing a press conference after a meeting of the Northern Elders forum with Coalition of Northern Groups in Abuja, where the youths demanded the relocation of all the Fulanis back to the north, the NEF’s Chairman, Ango Abdullahi also supported the position saying it was borne out of the realisation that the lives of Fulani herders have been put at risk due to the actions and utterances of Southern Governors in recent days.

He further stated that the situation was worsened after a section of the southern leadership had introduced a fresh round of instigation by indiscriminately blaming the death of the daughter of the Afenifere leader Fashoranti on the Fulani and threatening reprisals on northerners contrary on the spot account of her own driver and the official explanation by the police that the culprits were yet to be identified.

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