Amnesty Int’l calls for lasting solution to Farmers/Herdsmen crisis

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Amnesty International has called on the Nigerian government to find a lasting solution to the crisis between farmers and herdsmen in the country.

The body said the authorities’ response to communal violence is totally inadequate, too slow and ineffective.

In a statement on Monday,country director of the organisation, Osai Ojigho,said the crisis has resulted in at least 168 deaths in 2018 alone.

Ojigho said the frequent deployment of the military to communities with clashes undermines the efficacy of the police, adding that in most cases, the military employs “excessive and unlawful force,” often leading to the loss of innocent lives and destruction of property.

The body says the Nigerian authorities must investigate these attacks and, where these investigations indicate criminal responsibility, prosecute those responsible and bring them to justice.

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