US Bans Russian Oil and Gas imports, European Allies stay action

US Bans Russian Oil and Gas imports as European Allies stay action US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden said banning Russian oil, natural gas and coal imports to the United States will have a price in the country, but lawmakers are united in taking action.

“There will be cost as well here in the United States. I said I would level with the American people from the beginning, and when I first spoke to this, I said defending freedom is going to cost, it’s going to cost us as well in the United States. Republicans and Democrats understand that alike. Republicans and Democrats alike are clear we must do this,” the President said from the White House.
He also said the US has provided more than $1 billion in security assistance to Ukraine.


“Shipments of defensive weapons are arriving in Ukraine every day from the United States, and we in the United States are the ones coordinating delivery of our allies and partners of similar weapons — from Germany to Finland to the Netherlands. We’re working that out. We’re also providing humanitarian support for the Ukrainian people,” he said.


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