F.G. urged to limit its management of federal roads

Image result for F.G. urged to limit its management of federal roadsKaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has urged the Federal government to limit its management of Federal Roads and involve states more in their maintenance.

Addressing stakeholders at the first international transportation growth Conference, El-Rufai called for the review by Government, of the regulatory frame work of the rail sector to ease the pressure on roads in the country.

Nigeria is the largest country in Africa in terms of population and Economy.

Despite its significance in Africa, it is yet to meet the transportation infrastructure needs? of its citizens.

Nigeria does not rank anywhere near the top in Africa when it comes to infrastructure development in the transport sector.

With the worrrisome state of the Road sector in Nigeria,stakeholders present want the federal government to have a rethink on ways of financing infrastructure In the Country.

They believe the federal government must reduce its management of federal roads in the country and involve state governments in ensuring an improvement in the level of road maintenance in the Country.

The International transportation Growth Conference is aimed at providing options to the federal government on ways to improve transportation infrastructure in the country.

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