We are ready for enemies of amnesty programme — Ex-militant leader, Muturu

Ex-Militant-Leader-Kingsley-Muturu-e1457982817664Recently it was announced that the expiring date of the amnesty programme is shifted to 2017: what is your reaction to this? We thank President Muhammadu Buhari for listening the various calls and appeals made to him over the amnesty programme. We really appreciate him for this gesture; he has shown to Nigerians that he is a listening President. We also appreciate the efforts of Brig-Gen. Boroh. He has given us the confidence that the time Mr. President spent shopping for a credible person to head the amnesty office was not a waste. We say thank you Mr. President, we also appreciate your efforts Brig-Gen Boroh. Ex-Militant Leader, Kingsley Muturu But recently, the African Anti-Corruption Network called for the immediate removal of the Coordinator of the Amnesty Programme, Gen Boroh, from office, over allegations of corruption; where do you stand on this development? My reaction to that allegation is that they have started again; the lobbyists and appointment seekers have sent their foot soldiers out for war again, and we are ready for them. I mean we ex-agitators are ready for them, whatever length they are ready to go. We really know that many people were disappointed, particularly politicians and blackmailers, when Mr. President appointed Boroh to head the amnesty office. All the lobbyists and hustlers failed woefully because Mr. President was looking for credibility. If this so-called network’s stock-in trade is to blackmail or carry out a smear campaign against Boroh in order to distract him from what he is doing, then we will come out for them because we are the beneficiaries of what Boroh is trying to put in place. What are those things Boroh is trying to put in place? Boroh has shown us through his actions that he is painstakingly executing the amnesty programme to a successful end. He has gone ahead with the plan to open offices in various Niger Delta States in order to bring his office closer to the people concerned; he has also made it clear before the whole world his plan to empower and disengage successfully trained ex-agitators, which is in accordance with the amnesty agreement. These and other activities bordering the programme have clearly shown his determination to take the programme to a successful end. Also, I want Nigerians to ask, who does this anti-corruption Network want in replacement of Boroh in their campaign of calumny? What is the interest of these network personalities in the amnesty programme? We are now assured that President Buhari did not disappoint us with the appointment of Boroh to head the amnesty office, and the time spent shopping for a credible personality was not wasted. If Mr. President had appointed a politician who would come and play politics with the affairs of the programme, by this time we would have been complaining but the reverse is the case now; we are happy that Boroh is moving the programme as expected.

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