Premature babies: Experts call for increased funding of health sector

Image result for Experts call for more funding of health sector to tackle deaths of premature babiesMedical experts have called for increased funding of health sector to reduce the increasing deaths of premature babies in Nigeria.U.N declared Prematurity day and Nigeria has the highest rate of deaths of premature babies in Africa and the third largest in the world.

In Lagos, medical workers said mothers must adhere to doctors’ advise..and more financial support should be given the health sector by all, to stem the deaths of infants.

Babies born before their due dates, are premature an d they need intensive care for survival. That’s because they are not physically strong enough to survive out side the womb. They come with low weight, as well as breathing,vision and brain challenges, among others, because of their under-developed organs.

At the Massey Street children’s hospital, one of the oldest in Nigeria, doctors said there are actions mothers take, that often lead to premature births.

The deaths of babies in the rural areas, is a leading cause of Nigeria’s high infant mortality rate. Women patronise traditional birth attendants, some of whom do not know how to handle pregnancy and delivery complications.

Pre-term babies are put in incubators to avoid infections and to ensure they are in the right temperature. This mother was earlier discharged from the hospital. But when it seemed to her that her babies where not digesting their food properly, she decided to give them traditional herbs, popularly known as Agbo in Yoruba language. But the babies had to be rushed back to the hospital.

Premature children may have challenges, but everyone deserves a chance to survive, as none can fathom what greatness lies in them.


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