NHRC wants new ministers to mainstream ‘human rights’ into govt operations

The National Human Rights Commission has set up an agenda for the newly sworn in minsters to mainstream human rights into government operations.
This is aimed at building a nation with a culture of respect for human rights.

The constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended and the international human rights treaties to which Nigeria is a party, state that the primary duty of the government is to protect, promote and respect human rights.

Mainstreaming human rights into government operations can be achieved by ensuring participation and involvement of people in the formulation and
implementation of government programmes, policies and activities.

The National Human Rights Commission, saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the protection of human rights, has come up with an agenda for the  incoming ministers on the mainstreaming of human rights into government.

It believes one way to achieve the sustainable Development Goals, is through interventionist policies and these have been encapsulated in a policy document called the National Action Plan.

NAP is a integrated National strategy which identifies the role to be played by all Ministers, Department and Agencies in realization of human rights.

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