Interfering In PDP Is recipe for crisis – Makarfi

TVC N. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the leaders of All Progressives Congress (APC) of instigating crisis in the PDP.

Chairman of the caretaker committee of the PDP, Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, warned that unless the opposition is allowed to perform its constitutional, the nation’s political future is bleak.

In an interview with news men on various national issues, Makarfi pointed out that the current factional crisis in the PDP “has the potential of bringing avoidable disturbances in large parts of this country.”

According to him: “Where you have a dominant party and you have opposition party, and may be some elements in the dominant party are interfering, maybe to bring down genuine opposition, such can instigate ugly tendencies as we head towards local government elections.

“We believe and we have seen evidence that strong elements in the ruling party are behind the crisis the PDP is facing today. But as a government and a party decision, I don’t have evidence to say that.”

On the rumoured death of President Buhari, he said:“But you know within a party and government there are cells of interests. Some are more powerful than others and each cell with different ambition; we believe there are strong cells within the party and government of APC who are fuelling this crisis and who are behind this crisis, and whose aims and objectives are not even to help the president govern the country well or even return to power.

“We know that their ambition is to even wrest power from the incumbent. And also for that to be easier for them, there shouldn’t be opposition. This we know, but time will definitely tell whether they will even survive within the larger APC family, time will tell.”

He described PDP factional leader, Senator Modu Sheriff as a political soldier without troops, saying some elements in the APC have not relented in their avowed mission of destabilising the PDP.

On the continued insistence by Sherrif that he remained the party chairman, he said: “I don’t want to overlabour this matter, you say you lead people; but when you don’t have the people I don’t know what you are leading.”

He said that despite the crisis facing the PDP, the party is working assiduously to reclaim the mantle of leadership back from the APC in 2019.

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