Commonwealth observer group recommends strengthening of INEC’s legal framework

The Foreign Observer Groups in Nigeria have recommended the strengthening of the legal framework under which the Independent National Electoral Commission operates, in order to uphold the tenets of democracy.

This suggestion was made at a press briefing on their preliminary findings in Abuja.

The Commonwealth observer group is concerned about the people that were disenfranchised in last Saturday’s general election and also about the adhoc staff and security agents.

They commended the dedication with which corp members served as adhoc staff for INEC.

They want the role the media plays in politics to be more impartial, holistic and enlightening.

The chairman of the commonwealth observation mission says, observers also noticed crowding in the polling units and that some party agents did not wear the INEC accredited badge.

They applauded and  acknowledged that the counting of ballot was open and transparent which is a big assurance for democracy.

The commonwealth group says its field officers did not get any report of underage voting or vote buying in polling units monitored.

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