Benue has lost over 100 security officers to bandits- Ortom

Benue has lost over 100 security officers to bandits- Ortom

Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom has revealed that in the last few years, bandits have killed over 100 security agents in the state.

“There are almost 100 security agencies in Benue state,” Ortom stated.
“DSS, police, army, and civil defense personnel have been killed in Benue state while attempting to keep and restore peace in our country”, this is a challenge.”

“Regardless of their socio-political status, he argued that every Nigerian is obligated to safeguard the country, its future generation, and its territorial integrity at all times.”

The governor admonished Nigerians against claiming that everything is fine in the country, claiming that this was hypocritical. He also claimed that Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency had been taken over by a cabal.

“Every time I have the opportunity to speak with Mr. President, I have always been candid. Today, the entire country will have realized that there is no other route out of the current state of instability,” Ortom stated.

“Except we have ranching in this country because those people who are deceiving in this nation, about open grazing, they are not being sincere and most of the people around are just there to support the presidency and allow foreign herdsmen from Niger, Mali, Senegal, Cameroon from all over the place from even Ghana, from where they were chased away to come and take over Nigeria.”

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