Finance Ministry’s Inverter room got burnt not main building – Spokesman

Finance Ministry's Iverter Room Got burnt not Ministry's Main Building- Spokesman Burnt Basement room of the Federal Minsitry of Finance Abuja

The Staff of the Federal Ministry of Finance Headquarters in Abuja have put out a fire which gutted its inverter installation at the basement of the main building.

Reports say the fire started from the basement of the building in a room where batteries that power the ministry’s IT unit were kept.

The fire however did not extend beyond the affected room before it was put out.

Journalists were later conducted round the affected room by the spokesman of the ministry Olajide Oshundun who said the fire was put out by vigilant staff of the ministry.



He added that at about 6:50 am some staff of the Ministry noticed smoke emanating from the room that housed the battery for the inverter.

Necessary alarm according ti him was raised and the internally provided fire fighting equipment were deployed and within about 15-20 minutes the fire was put under control.

He said Information was also sent to the Federal Fire Service system before they came that everything has been brought under control.

Mr oshundun said the fire emanated from an exploded battery which then affected other batteries about 10 to 16 batteries were affected.

He urged all Nigerians to disregard the trending story on Social Media that the ministry s on fire disclosing that it only affected the battery compartment at the basement of the Ministry, it did not affect other parts of the building.

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