Benue govt trains COVID-19 State Action Committee on safety

The Benue State Government has begun training of members of the COVID-19 State Action Committee on safety and on-the-field preventive measures in a bid to contain the spread of the virus.

State Deputy Governor and Chairman of the committee, Benson Abounu, explained that the training would equip members on how best to handle cases and also protect themselves from being infected.

The training is to provide information on how facilities should respond to an emerging respiratory virus such as the novel coronavirus.

It is for public health professionals, security officials and other key players as it is focused on infection prevention and control.

The training is also to enable care givers to attain mental stability and knowledge so as not to contract the virus in the line of duty.

The commissioner of information who is also a participant disclosed that about 23 persons who made contact with the first case in Benue are being monitored and they’ve gone into isolation.

Participants are expected to understand the basic hygiene measures to protect themselves against infection in the line of their duties.

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