Police parade fake lawyer, immigration officers in Ogun

The Police in Ogun State have paraded a suspected fake lawyer and another set of fake immigration officers for impersonation.

The Commissioner of Police, Kenneth Ebrimson also paraded forty six other suspects, arrested for different crimes, including armed robbery, murder and cattle rustling.

It was like a havest of criminal suspects in Ogun State as the Police Commission paraded fourty eight suspects arrested from different part of the state.


While some were arrested for illegal possession of firearms and armed robbery, others were arrested for forgetting, cattle rustling, murder and impersonation.

Notable among suspects arrested for impersonation is Lawrence Oyedenu who was accused of calling himself a lawyer and appearing in court without being called to the bar.

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He was accused of collecting four hundred thousand naira from one of his clients who reported the case to the police.

The leader of the group that was accused of impersonating the Comotroller of Immigration in Ogun State declined comment when asked to state his side of the story.

Items recovered from the suspects include live ammunition, locally made pistols, charms, cutlasses, cars, mobile phones, computer set Amon others.


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