Engineers oppose sale of National Assets

Image result for Engineers oppose sale of National AssetsEngineers in Nigeria have risen against proposed sale of the country’s assets by the federal government. And while it backs President Muhammadu Buhari’s merging of Ministries, the Nigerian Society of Engineers believes the appointment of more hands as Ministers will tackle noticeable challenges that have been left untouched.

Correspondent Joke Adisa reports that the Nigerian Society of Engineers is breaking its silence after a short
break to add its voice to the clamour for good governance.

At a news conference on the state of the nation, the Engineers describe the current downturn in the economy as a wake up call on the authorities and the citizenry, to think out of the box.

The Society believes reviving the automotive industry as well as the Iron and steel industry are sure ways of getting out of economic recession.

And reacting to government’s plan to dispose the nation’s non-performing assets, the engineers cal for caution

The Society is admonishing the government to tap into the initiatives of professional groups to achieve viable economic growth.

The NSE says it is in tandem with the reduction in the number of Ministries but charges the Buhari administration to appoint more Ministers for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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