Xenophobia: TUC urges FG to take stringent measures against South Africa

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC, has strongly condemned the unending xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other African nationals living and doing business in South Africa; and has therefore called for stringent measures to be taken immediately against South Africa.

“The nonchalant attitude displayed by the leadership and people of South Africa suggest that they have obviously forgotten the sacrifice Nigeria and other African countries did to achieve their freedom from apartheid.

“The videos and pictures detailing graphic and gory treatments meted out to non- indegenes are disturbing enough for any country to take a serious position against South Africa and all that they represent. Nigerian government must adopt a stringent diplomatic measures and also urge other African countries to follow suit.

“For us, the Congress believes strongly that South African government is guilty all the dastardly act by association. The question is, what do they hope to achieve? How can killings go on for years yet government has not brought culprits to book? This is very unfortunate.

“Nigeria is a country that accommodates all and sundry. South African companies own several multi-billion dollar investments on our soils yet, we co-exist despite all the aggression against own people in their home country. To make issues worse these same companies are involved in anti-labour practices.

“For the same people to turn around to duhumanise and kill Nigerians is unacceptable. Not anymore. This must stop! This sacrifice is becoming too grave to bear. Evacuation of Nigerians must commence immediately. We must sound it again that it is the government’s responsibility to protect its nationals both internal and external.

“We must not shirk our responsibility to our citizens where ever they are. South Africans must know that no man or country has monopoly of violence. In as much as we wouldn’t want to repay evil with evil we should not be pushed to the wall”.


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