US approves $319 million for new Consulate office in Lagos

Latest Breaking News About the United STATES IN NIGERIA: United States approves $319 million for new consulate in Lagos United States Flag, The Stars and Stripes

The United States has approved a $319 million contract for the construction of a new US Consulate General in the Eko Atlantic, which was built by South Energyx Nigeria Limited in partnership with the Lagos State government.

The 12.2 acre site for the Consulate General would be handled by the awardee of the contract, Per ix Federal, LLC of Lombard, Illinois.

This was stated in a report by the US Department of State on Tuesday.

The contract was awarded by the Capital Security Construction Program of the US Department of State, also known as the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations, which was founded in 1999.

The project, which is expected to be completed in 2027, aims to provide a contemporary, durable platform for Nigerian diplomacy.

“The location will offer the future diplomatic campus and its neighbours with access to sustainable, contemporary infrastructure, including an 8.5 kilometer seawall designed to safeguard the city from rising sea levels and coastal erosion,” the report said of Eko Atlantic.

Since its establishment, the Overseas Building Operation has completed up to 168 new diplomatic facilities and currently has more than 50 active projects, either in design or under construction worldwide.

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