Tanker drivers continue safety training nationwide

Image result for Nigerian Tanker drivers continue safety training nationwideLeaders of the National Petroleum Tanker Driver’s Association say they are displeased with rate of tanker-related accidents across the country.

But it says it is working to reduce the carnage on the roads with a program of renewed training for its drivers.

Accidents involving tankers moving combustible products seem to have defied solutions, with an average of three tanker-related accidents recorded daily.

According to the Federal Road Safety Corp almost 4,500 tankers and trailers accidents occurred last year.

More than a thousand people were killed in those accidents..

Majority of such road recklessness are preventable. But why is it not being enforced?

The leadership of the Tanker Driver Union agrees the buck stop on its table and agrees that more can be done to bring sanity within its ranks.

Which is why the association, traffic managers, vehicle inspection officers, and road safety corp, came together for this safety on wheels campaign in Lagos.

It was also a forum to make public challenges faced by truck drivers, the most recent being the review of freight rates which they say might affect distribution of products if not checked.

If anything, the assurance that the training will be a continuous exercise until our roads become safe from all forms of tanker accidents should be good news for many.

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