Police, Other security agencies mobilised to deal with criminals across Nigeria – FG

Police, Other Secdurity agencies mobilised to deal with Criminals across Nigeria - FG Security Council Meeting at State House Abuja

The police and other security agencies have been mobilized to intensify surveillance and patrol in pursuit of the criminals.

Minister of the Interior Rauf Aregbesola disclosed this at this week’s Ministerial briefing at the Presidential Villa  in Abuja

The Minister says this is not only in response to the attack on passengers on the KADUNA-ABUJA  highway but due to the approaching season of festivities

Mr Aregbesola also confirmed that the security agencies were also moving to tackle the issue of bandits and criminal bodies who had taken over  administering some  areas in the country

He promised an improved response to all those challenging the sovereignty of Nigeria in whatever form and creating insecurity in whatever form anywhere.

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